Aijolt Brongers on the World Labour Day

Hello friends, I (Aijolt Brongers) am back. Hope all of you are fine.


As you all know, today (1st May) is mourned worldwide as the World Labour Day or International Workers’ Day. But, do you know that there is a grave incident behind this date being held as the Workers’ Day?

To know about the incident, we have to go back to 1886 in Chicago where the Haymarket Affair took place. A public assembly took place in the heart of Chicago against 8-Hour working day and the police were trying to disperse them.

Suddenly, a person threw a bomb at the police. He/she is still unidentified. The police started firing and 4 workers were dead. After this sad incident, the May Day Riots took place in the year 1894.

Many other incidents followed after the above two took place and ultimately, it was decided that the whole world will observe 1st May as the International Workers’ Day to show respect for the workers, to realize that they too are human.

I, Aijolt Brongers, request all of you to observe this day together to show the respect towards workers, without whom the world would have been nothing.


Aijolt Brongers and the Netherlands National Football Team

Aijolt Brongers is one of the biggest football fans since childhood and he is extremely proud of the national football team of Netherlands.

The national football team of Netherlands has been representing the country since 1905. They have nicknames like Clockwork Orange, Holland, Oranje, and The Flying Dutch-Rudders.

This football team holds the record of playing the most number of Football World Cup Finals without winning any of them. The concept of Total Football was first introduced by them around the year 1970.

1974 Football World Cup Final

1974 Football World Cup Final

The current team is coached by Louis van Gaal and is captained by Wesley Sneijder.  The Dutch have finished second in three Football World Cup Finals in the year 1974, 1978, and 2010 and have lost to West Germany, Argentina, and Spain respectively.

They have won the European Championship once in the year 1988. Currently, they are in the top form and Aijolt Brongers wishes them All The Best for the next Football World Cup that will be held in Brazil next year.

Aijolt Brongers on the Heinous Act in Boston

By now, almost all of us are aware of the two bomb blasts that took place in Boston on April 16, this year during the Boston Marathon. I, Aijolt Brongers, a resident of Netherlands, along with millions of other people from around the world, am strictly against terrorism.

At least 3 people were killed and more than 141 were injured during the twin blasts of which one occurred near the finishing line. I, Aijolt Brongers express by deep condolence for the one who have lost their life or are injured.

My (Aijolt Brongers) question is, are the terrorists getting what they actually want by spreading so much sorrow and fear within people? People from all over the world are against a heinous act like terrorism and they hate it more than anything.

The terrorists should never be treated as a part of the mankind as no man or woman in this earth or even the animals would do such shameful things and that too during an occasion. They shouldn’t be treated with mercy; instead they should be gifted with what they had for us.

Now, for the people of the world, I, Aijolt Brongers, request each and every one out there to unite against terrorism and terrorists. Come, let’s work hand in hand make this world a terror-free place to live.