Aijolt Brongers on the Heinous Act in Boston

By now, almost all of us are aware of the two bomb blasts that took place in Boston on April 16, this year during the Boston Marathon. I, Aijolt Brongers, a resident of Netherlands, along with millions of other people from around the world, am strictly against terrorism.

At least 3 people were killed and more than 141 were injured during the twin blasts of which one occurred near the finishing line. I, Aijolt Brongers express by deep condolence for the one who have lost their life or are injured.

My (Aijolt Brongers) question is, are the terrorists getting what they actually want by spreading so much sorrow and fear within people? People from all over the world are against a heinous act like terrorism and they hate it more than anything.

The terrorists should never be treated as a part of the mankind as no man or woman in this earth or even the animals would do such shameful things and that too during an occasion. They shouldn’t be treated with mercy; instead they should be gifted with what they had for us.

Now, for the people of the world, I, Aijolt Brongers, request each and every one out there to unite against terrorism and terrorists. Come, let’s work hand in hand make this world a terror-free place to live.


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