Aijolt Brongers and His Views on Communication

Hello everyone, I’m Aijolt Brongers, as you all have known from my previous post. I’m a communication and broadcast specialist from Amersfoort in The Netherlands.

Today, from my past experience, I’m going to tell you some words about communication that might make you think twice before interacting with someone.

Communication is actually a two way process where you have to make sure that the person to whom you are speaking is listening to your words. Proper communication process involves seven elements –

  1.      Sender – the one who speaks or shares his/her idea to a person or a group of people.
  2.      Message – the things spoken can be termed as message. The content can be relevant or something outside the topic.
  3.      Channel and/or Medium – if you talk face to face, air is the channel. If you chat in Facebook, internet is the medium. The thing that carries your word or idea to others is termed as channel or medium.
  4.      Receiver – the person or group of people to whom you are speaking. If he or she gets the complete message, it is termed as receiving of message. Getting incomplete message isn’t receiving.
  5.      Interpretation – this is the most important of all steps. Here, the receiver ensures you that he/she has received the complete idea
  6.      Feedback – the reaction of the receiver after he/she has received the message.
  7.      Reaction to Feedback – though this is optional, you can send a counter feedback to the sender of the feedback and hence, complete the total process of communication.

In case you need any help from me (Aijolt Brongers), I’m always there to help you.


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