Aijolt Brongers – A Famous Communication and Broadcast Specialist

I am Aijolt Brongers, born on 1962, working as a Communication and Broadcast Specialist from Amersfoort in The Netherlands. After few sales-related jobs I have joined in 2009 the taskforce ‘Kattenbroek op Glasvezel’. This residents initiative Informed the inhabitants of Amersfoort-Kattenbroek and – in fact – made it possible that end 2013 the whole city of Amersfoort (70.000 homes) will be connected to the ultra-modern fiber network. My task in the group was communication (press releases) and doing presentations for all kind of audiences. After this result I have got a job as Marketeer at XMS, a leading internet service provider. In this position I did successful 4 years.

End 2011 I wrote together with Dannis van der Heiden an impressive business case with the goal to obtain the license for a local radio/tv station. After a long period of lobbying and informing all stakeholders the license was finally assigned to Mediagroep EVA. After a period of public discussion about paid employees in the newly formed organization, I decided to leave EVA. Currently I am working as an independent text writer and communication specialist.


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